Viva Cafe & Bakery in Kitsilano, Vancouver


mon-fri 7am-4:30pm
weekend 7am-5pm
holidays 8am-4pm


Kitsilano, Vancouver
1555 Yew St,
Vancouver, BC V6K 3E5

What's new?

For the past few years VIVA has been working diligently behind the scenes to bring to life a long-time dream and we are so happy to present our new space. While we are still the same VIVA, our new space allows for contemporary coffee to meet our ongoing café traditions that we hold closely to our hearts. Be sure to come check it out!

About Us!

VIVA is a local café & bakery that has been proudly serving the Kitsilano community since 2002. We took the reins of this community café back in 2017 and since then we've prioritized creating a space and menu that compliments old flavours with new experiences.

Though we are best known for our great coffee and incredible pastries, the experience in visiting VIVA itself is where the true magic is. Located right by Kitsilano beach, we always look forward to the summer fun, being extra excited this year to show off our new space to the rest of the neighborhood.

We are lucky enough to have 2 incredible pastry chefs who make our pastries in house every morning. We source our ingredients locally whenever we can and particularly in the summer seasons, you can find us working with local farmers to have only the freshest of seasonal fruits.

Find our classic laminated pastries in store daily or enjoy more seasonal treats on the weekends. For any catering needs email us at

Our coffee...

The Espresso

We offer two different beans on our espresso bar. We proudly serve Detour's Punch Buggy as our go-to espresso bean and have recently switched up our feature espresso to Rooftop's UFO Mistèrio.

Detour – Punch Buggy – Brazil Mogiana + Guatemala Huehuetenango, Natural + Washed

Friendly and Familiar. This classic has a bit of something for everyone. Nutty and Fruity with notes of chocolate the Punch Buggy is robust and well rounded – Hard to go wrong with this one!

Rooftop – UFO Mistèrio – Brazil, Natural Anaerobic + Yeast Fermentation

This single origin natural process brings sweetness and complexity. Think juicy maraschino cherries and melons with a twist of candy. Another fabulous roast from our friends at Rooftop to challenge your taste buds.

The Batch Brew

Modus – Dom – Guatemala, Abel Oritz, Washed

This is our take on an everyday drip coffee. With its main notes being of a nutty-chocolatey base, DOM is great black and also holds its own with milk and sugar.


Need Catering?

Breakfast, Lunch, Hot drinks and Sweet Treats... Make our fresh, house made pastries and sandwiches a part of your next event.

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Find out more about our friends and roasters

Detour Coffee Roasters

Based in Hamilton, Ontario and serving up friendly coffee since 2009. With a focus on relationships, traceability and quality the coffee from Detour is always good fun and full of good vibes.

Rooftop Coffee Roasters

Roasting beautiful coffees in the beautiful mountain town of Fernie. A family run operation with an unconventional conception and a never-ending rotation of well balanced and unique coffee.

Modus Coffee Roasters

This local Vancouver Roaster started up in 2015. They’ve got an amazing café over in Mt. Pleasant. There you can taste their entire coffee offerings in addition to house made treats.